CPVC Plumbing System.

Trusted over decades for hot and cold water supply system, Nawa Nepal Plastic Pvt. Ltd. is proud to introduce CPVC plumbing system. Made from CPVC ( Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride) , thermoplastic material which is made to last for generations. This material is designed to have service life of 50years, withstanding temperatures up to 93 degree celcius, which makes it ideal for hot and cold water applications."



  • Compatible for hot and cold water than any other thermoplastics. Efficient with solar and electric heater system as well.
  • Does not support bacterial, fungal and algae growth.
  • Non-toxic and lead free plumbing solution.
  • Is unaffected by chlorine, making it favorite for swimming pools and parks.
  • No scaling, no corrosion and no leach formation.
  • CPVC material does not support combustion.
  • Easy and hustle free joining method.
  • Good replacement to expensive and heavy water supply GI pipes and are very cost effective.

Our Product Range

# Inch SDR11 Commercial
1 3/4 inch Available -
2 1 inch Available -
3 1-1/4 inch Available -
4 1-1/2 inch Available -
5 2 inch Available -
# Inch SDR11 Commercial