UPVC Plumbing System.

NNP UPVC is made under standard. The material Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) is popularly used in drainage, water discharges, water transportation, automobile construction, electronics and for various purpose making it versatile and most used plastic in the world. UPVC, in 1950s replaced corroded metal pipes, delivering safe drinking water to rural and urban population in USA."



  • Light weight, flexible and easy delivery of drinking water, sewage and gas.
  • Non-toxic and lead free plumbing system.
  • Chemical and biological resistance, making it diverse use in industrial plasnts, labs, hotels and kitchens.
  • Replacement to expensive GI and metal pipes in agriculture and slurry lines.

Our Product Range

# Items 2.5KG/CM2 4 KG/CM2 6 KG/CM2
1 50mm - - Available
2 75mm Available Available Available
3 120mm Available Available Available
4 160mm Available Available Available
# Items 2.5KG/CM2 4 KG/CM2 6 KG/CM2