PPR Plumbing System.

Polipropilen Rastgele Kopolimer(PPR) piping has unique building of 3 layers, making it thick and 100% food grade. It is irreplaceable solution against cold galvanized pipe for all hot system and The material used here is “PolyPropylene Random Copolymer."



  • PPR has service life of more than 50 years even with variation of working temperatures and environment making it durable and cost effective.
  • It can withstand both hot and cold environment and does not easily flake or scale.
  • It has high endurance on Chemical and Mechanical pressure making it safe on use in sea water and industrial applications.
  • The three layers of PPR, first layer – UV rays protection, Middle layer – antioxidant and inner layer- microbial makes it safe for drinking water and lab purpose.
  • The joining of PPR pipe is performed through heat without any additional chemicals, which makes it safe for environment and contributes to cheap installation.